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Cork Stoppers | Wood & Plastic T-Tops | Manton Cork
Cork stoppers, cork closures and plugs for all your needs. Our corks are perfect
for wine, spirits, oils, glassware, candles and much more.
Cork Crafts | Wedding | Manton Cork
Happy little cork people line up in this wedding procession! What fun it is to make
them and especially to dress them! Use costume jewelry and fancy costumes to ...
Cookie Policy | Manton Cork
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Cork Crafts | Totem Pole I Manton Cork
Crafts: Totem Pole. Materials that you will need to make a dog… 4 tall, round
corks about 2 inches (5 cm) long; a very sharp knife; colored soft-tip pens; a little
Underlayment Specifications I Cork Underlayment I Manton Cork
Cork underlayment specs say to use it under tile, ceramic, & wooden floors to
reduce sound & increase thermal insulation in applications.
Cork crafts | Ancient Warrior | Manton Cork
A champagne cork with its metal “cap” for the helmet; if the metal is damaged,
use thick pain and colorless nail polish to fix it back and red soft-tip pens; a cork ...
The History of Cork | Manton Industrial Cork
Stoppers Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans and, just how big is the cork
business? Cork stoppers were found in tombs from ancient Egypt, tombs dating ...
Cork Crafts | Zoo Animals I Manton Cork
Cut out the teeth from a little piece of white paper (the color photograph shows
how they should look). Glue them in place. Use the red soft-tip pen to draw the
nose ...
Industrial Cork & Commercial Applications I Manton Cork
We can make virtually any size cork roll or cork sheet to fit all specific
requirements for any commercial & industrial cork applications.
Terms and Conditions | Manton Cork
Every effort will be made to ship in accordance with customer requested freight
carriers. Manton Cork is not responsible for damage in shipment when product is
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